Daily skincare Rituals

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Hectic lifestyle such as late nights, alcohol, diet, low water consumption, sun exposure, tobacco, radiation, pollution, emotional highs and lows does have an immense effect on stressing our skins.

“If you can’t change your lifestyle, change your skincare,” says the co-founder of Marianne Beauty Solutions.She adds, “Your skin will thank you when you are in your 40s. Before the age of 40, it’s all in the genes. After 40s, the amount of care or lack of care that you have put into your skin will show up. Previously, we noticed that anti aging care starts at 35. Over the last 10 years, we noticed that people tend to age faster due to lifestyle and should start anti-aging from age of 25 as prevention is always easier than cure.”

Skincare ABCS = Purification, Balancing, Decongestion, Feeding & Protection.
P is for Purification + repair

Essential Step 1: Purification to ensure that our skin can breathe easy
Use Cleansing Milk, Cleansing Gel

A good cleansing milk will safely remove surface impurities include dirt, dust, oils and retain skin hydration levels. Active ingredients to maintain health of our skin epidermis (upper layer of skin) and emulsify these impurities to keep our skin surface clean.

A good cleansing gel will remove internal impurities produced by our sebaceous glands and endocrine systems (hormones) which contain active ingredients to breakdown bad bacteria and dissolve the oils away with a balancing effect that keeps skin clean and soft.

“One of the quickest way and cheapest way to fix your skin is through proper purification process. Some people do not recognize that inappropriate cleansing either strips your skins of its’ natural moisturizing factor or does not help to dissolve bacteria within our oil glands”, says our co-founder of Marianne Beauty Solutions. She says, “With an appropriate cleanser, the skin barrier would be kept healthy and improve its’ ability to metabolize away the dead skin cells easily.”
We recommend: PureSkin365 Whitening Cleansing Milk
We recommend: our pH Balancing Cleansing Gel for all skin types

Results: Fresher, clean and healthier looking skin

B is for Balancing+ repair


Essential Step 2: Ensuring proper pH Balance for healthy cells
Use Toner

Healthy balanced skins are like the soil of a field which creates a suitable environment for our cells to live in. A good toner helps to balance the pH level of our skins to ensure our acid mantle of our skins remain healthy and repair functions.

We recommend: Stem Cells toner, pH Balancing toner, Rice Essence toner
Results: Skin comfort, improvement in other products absorption

D is for Decongestion + repair


Essential Step 3: Regulate, control oil glands & repair skin tissues to normalize
Use Pore Refining Serum

This miracle worker retrains our tissues and sebaceous glands to repair & refine our skins. This unique formula is great in protecting, moisturizing, healing properties to repair damaged skin tissues. It also disinfects acne, pimples, reduces blackheads buildup, eases pore congestion, age prevention, repair damaged cells and reduces fine lines formation.

This removes the debris buildup in our sebaceous glands when cells take in nutrients and metabolize just like our bodies. Improves metabolism rate of debris removal speedily yet repairs the skin at the same time. When debris accumulates, our skin cells become sluggish as the toxins remain in our skins and other products will not be able to work fully. In worse cases, the skins become congested and dull looking.

We recommend: Pore Refining Serum
*Top Seller Product

Results: Smaller pores, minimal congestion and finer skin surface.

F is for Feeding + repair


Essential Step 4: Nutrition for our skins
Use Serums, Fluids and/or Creams

Choose them according to your skin’s purpose. Always remember to include intensive hydration ingredient to keep your hydro lipid film which protects the skin.

We noticed that skins suffer adversely from under nutrition or over nutrition from improper skincare selection.

Serums, fluids and creams have different functions to matches our current skin condition plus concentration of active ingredients combination and molecule size of the product. It would be easier to see them as specialist workers who have a special role in keeping our cells healthy.

Is there a product that has everything rolled into 1? Unfortunately, due to stability of product ingredients, we would recommend our clients to rely on them separately due to effectiveness which delivers targeted results.

For multiple stubborn skin problems
At Marianne Beauty Solutions, we start all our clients who want a dramatic change in their skins with highly powered antioxidant care from our cells Rescue series. This Signature treatment DNA Cellular Concentrate Antioxidant-Nutrients Face Therapy has the ability to rescue multiple stubborn skin problems from congestion to pigmentation, giving skin a new lease of life.

For the beauty queens
There is a wide option of ingredients available such as stem cells, peptides, plant hormones, low molecular, high molecular weight hyaluronic acids to enhance skin performance. We would love to discuss more with you!

We recommend: Available upon consultation

P is for Protection + repair

Essential Step 5: Skin Defense & Slow down Aging
Use Antioxidant Care Protection Cream and Sunblock

Green AppleAged Apple

Age Lock & Preventive Care
Free radical attacks caused by stress, hormonal changes, pollution cause our skin cells to die prematurely faster than they should. This also affects our healthy cells multiplication which causes multiple skin problems such as dull skin appearance, waxy like skins, excessive pigmentation formation and especially discolored yellow brown patchy skin tones which can be prevented by our Antioxidant Care Protection Cream which has a high repair concentrated formula.
This cream also functions as a defense & protection layer which locks in all the other serums, creams to retain all the goodness in our skins.

Exceptionally good for users of smartphone, computers, TV and exposure to wi fi signals constantly as these radiations subtlety robs our skin from hydration and cause skin to turn brown quickly. Good protection

Finish up with sunblock
Choose from our uniquely blended SPF which is a hardworking free radical fighter to reduce fine lines and pigmentation discolorations.

This perfect combination of Antioxidant Care Protection and Sunblock makes a great makeup base primer for all ages.

We recommend: Antioxidant Care Protection & Sunblock care from DNA series

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