Cellulite. Excess Baggage?

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Cellulite can be found in women regardless of their weight. These dimples appearances which pushes up on the skin surface can be unsightly and more severe cases of cellulite sufferers would tell you that it hurts when you touch the area.

“Cellulite is not just a cosmetic issue,” says the co-founder of Marianne Beauty Solutions.
She says, “It is also an SOS signal from our bodies that there is an overload in our fat cells. It is an overcrowding situation where our triglycerides levels also known as free fatty acids are unable to break apart and flush out of our system. We have found an effective, comfortable technique to help excessive cellulite sufferers. Comfort is an important issue to clients who suffer from heavy cellulite. The areas around affected areas are already quite painful to touch and if not taken care earlier, cellulite can slow down the body’s circulation considerably and cause a vicious cycle that causes more growth in cellulite.”

Cellulite Versus Smooth Skin

Formation Cellulite Toxic Accumulation Enlarged Fat Cells Poor Circulation Fibrosis Connecting Tissue Water Retention


Many factors that causes cellulite formation
Controllable factors such as slow down of body’s waste removal system, water retention, toxic body and lifestyle can be addressed through drinking more fluids, certain exercise which aims at muscle building and so on.

Uncontrollable factors such as lack of blood, lymph and water flow through cellulite prone areas and hardening of the connective tissue where even dieting, exercise or manual massage will not be able to attack the areas thoroughly and safely.

Plenty of exercise or cellulite creams would not be able to rid the cellulite off as our connective tissues harden as we age and sedentary lifestyles does not encourage circulation at all. A multi approach would be required to prevent cellulite re growth and widespread.

Cellulite Be Gone
One of the fastest and most effective methods that have proven to be highly effective, comfortable, painless and enjoyable would be our Cellulite Be Gone treatment. This therapy creates the body to be so healthy that cellulite just cannot reside in the body at all.

Multiple Benefits with 3 Effects with Cellulite Be Gone Therapy
Non thermal: Biostimulation, improvement in circulation and metabolism of cells.
Thermal: Great microcirculation, vasodilation and tissue oxygenation.
Hyperthermal: Detoxification, fat removal and tissue recovery.

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