Epidermis Miracle Rescue

To enable your skin to breathe better, boost skin absorption for active ingredients

Skin Power Revolution

Skin Power Revolution with V shape Power

From Italy

To promote skin’s ability to absorb ingredients transforming skin into a reservoir to contain & lock in moisture.

Great for super hydration and anti aging. And did we mention that it also creates a V Shape effect for your skin too?

Crystal Renewal

02 Crystal Renewal

From Italy

To promote skin’s ability to unlock & unblock thickened skin cells that prevents skin from absorbing nutrients.

Rebalancing effect to skin texture and color. Highly recommended for skins that feels rough, uneven color and reduction of pores sizes.


SKIN CELLS miracle rescue

To enable your skin to breathe better, boost skin absorption for active ingredients

No-Age Stem Cells Facial Therapy

From Italy

*Safe, effective method for new baby cells reproduction, prolong Cell life & protection against damages from oxidization & aging process.

A great anti-aging treatment ALL time favourite.

* Nobel Prize Winning Facials

DNA Cellular Concentrate Antioxidant -Nutrients Facial Therapy

From USA

To promote skin’s ability to unlock & unblock thickened skin cells that prevents skin from absorbing nutrients.

Rebalancing effect to skin texture and color. Highly recommended for skins that feels rough, uneven color and reduction of pores sizes.


*Correct, Repair, transformation for Stubborn Problematic Skins from cell nutrition method with antioxidants power made from nanotechnology extraction.

*Enabling very tiny particles (size of 0.2nth size of thickness of hair strand) concentrated with antioxidants wrapped with ceramides that transports effective ingredients into the skin.

Effective for congestion pimples, acne, pigmentation, dull, fine lines, discolored skins.

DNA Cellular Concentrate Antioxidant -Nutrients Facial Therapy


*Using Brushing infusion technique with lymphatic drainage method to gently allow cells to absorb High Concentrated
level antioxidants immediately into skin.

*Concept of Repair, Correct, Transform Cells with Cell nutrients.

*Restore skin pH Level to healthy equilibrium so that oil and water level in the skin remains at a balanced level,
ensuring that skin cells remain at its healthy metabolism rate.

*Huge Variety of Highly Concentrated Antioxidant from Botanical Plant Extracts include:


Pure O2 Jet Face Booster Therapy

From Germany

Pure O2
Designed by German Engineer & Cosmetologists

*First in the World with German University Patent* Clinical Papers available*

Targeting at Dermal Layers,
Collagen IV building, Intracellular Fibroblasts, Increases skin elasticity, ATP of cells (Cell battery) for cellular multiplication, Increases skin matrix, Increases Cell immunity.

Penetration level like injection level without the use of needles.

Bonus: Slows down Melanin production in Melanonocyte as Pure Oxygen together with Plant Hormone Isa-Flavone oxidizes Pigmentation into Colorless form. Pure 02 acts as Energy Fuel to distribute pigmentation production Evenly.

Active ingredients:
Soy Plant Hormones/Isaflavone Fluid with Hyaluronic Acid & Multi-vitamins & peptides for cellular growth

Pure O2 Spray Face Booster Therapy

From Germany

With Wild Bulagrian Rose extracts & Hyaluronic Acid

* 99% Pure Oxygen gentle spray which reaches epidermal, gentle, skin damage repair restoration, post IPL, post laser or invasive treatments care & improves skin strength.

Improve ATP functions in cells, cell multiplication, skin radiance, cell health.

COLLAGEN-ELASTIN miracle rescue

Toning, Lifting, Skin Tightening & Skin Tissues Strengthening

CR Benefits Firm-UP Face Therapy

From Spain

Developed by Spain Medical & Aesthetics Devices Company

*Medical Device* Favorite amongst Aesthetics Clinics Worldwide* Clinical Papers available*

*Regain back your Skin DENSITY, targeting at Cellular Tissues and retuning back your cell metabolism through ionic exchange in a comfortable and safe treatment.

Through Increase ionic exchange within cells, face shaping, increase collagen, oxygen production, deeply reaching skin tissues AND cells. Great skin tightening treatment.

This exclusive method rebalances the ions cellular exchange, helping cells recover their function. This enables the skin tissue to regain lost elasticity, reduce fat and allow the oxygen to flow more freely between cells. With microcirculation restored, the skin will be significantly rejuvenated, revived and healthy.

Collagen Elastin

  1. NON-THERMAL: bio stimulation, improved nutrition, circulation and metabolism of the cells.
  2. THERMAL: greater microcirculation, vasodilation and tissue oxygenation.
  3. HYPERTHERMAL: detoxification, fat removal and tissue recovery.


Reduce wrinkles and expression lines

Improves the appearance of bags under the eyes

Firming, lifting and rejuvenation effect

Redefines facial contours

The 448 kHz radiofrequency encouragesthe passing of the ions trough the channels of the membrane so that the cell’s ion exchange is correct. Thus, the cell recovers its functions.

Aerobics Facial Anti-Aging

From Spain

Aerobics FacialSpain Technology micro-current with Over 25 years history
*Reduce wrinkles appearance, correct skin color, puffy face reduction.
*Using Accupoint with Micro current therapy technology to stimulate skin tissues, collagen & elasticity of skin.

*With Microcurrent Therapy, cell Metabolism rate is restored and increases skin ability to remove metabolic wastes & prevents accumulation of toxins in skin.

*Encouraging new healthy cells to replace the old damaged ones

*Restore PH Level of Skin

*Subtle electrical frequencies that mimic the body’s own electrical signals increases the amount of ATP (adenosine triphosphate, the chemical fuel of human cells) by as much as 500%. Such increase levels of ATP re-educate facial muscles, lifting features, as well as the reconstitution of collagen and elastin.

XO Cell Regrowth Face Therapy

From Korea

XO Cell Regrowth Face Therapy
Creating 120x more effectiveness in acceleration of natural collagen induction of Dermal & Basal Layers of skin whilst keeping the epidermal layer healthy & intact.

Improve wrinkle, acne scar, pigmentation and stretch marks.

With cell transforming cocktails customized

*120x improvement in collagen elastin production, improve skin radiance, acne marks & re-creating healthier skin cells & skin foundation. Safe & effective for age reversal.

Tri Peptides that targets for solutions in Antiwrinkle, Pigmentation, Vitality Hydration, Pimple scarring solutions

*Clinical Studies & Scientific Publication Papers Available*

Lumi D Phototherapy

From Japan & Korea

Lumi D Phototherapy Therapy

Regain your skin luminosity.

A Perfect combination made from Japan technology and Korean Aesthetics treatment program.

Uses Dynamic Pulsed Light and is good for Skin Rejuvenation Solutions such as tightening collagen elastin, melts surface pigmentions, reduce pore size, regain radiant skin color and
reduce acne.

Anti-Aging Free Radical Reduction “Element of Life”
Roll & Lift

From Spain

Anti-Aging Free Radical Reduction
Artisan movements harnessed with Germanium mineral Energy healing for Toning, brightening glow & lift using Precious Elements extracted from Germanite, 69% coal, argyrodite & other precious minerals.

Also known as “Elements of Life”, as it produces an ionic equilibrium to our cells.

This spectacular treatment combines benefits of Germanium with semi-conductive properties that balance the ionic charges by providing negative ions.