miracle EYE rescue

For tired eyes, dark eye circles, eye wrinkles, loose eyelids, crows feet

Manual Eye Lifting Booster

Manual Eye Lifting Booster

From Spain

*Reduce puffy dark eye circles immediately, relief for tired eyes, improve eye muscular structure.

Using skilled hands which controls equipment to stroke the upper eyelids, eyebags, nose area.

With gentle microcurrents that mimics the body’s electric signals that help lift signals and boost collagen & elastin production around eye area which keeps the eye structure in good shape.

Very good relief for tired eyes

Dark eye circles corrector

XO Eye Secrets Therapy

From Korea

Creating 120x more effectiveness in acceleration of Natural Collagen Induction of Dermal & Basal Layers of skin whilst keeping the epidermal layer healthy & intact.

Slows down, reverses wrinkle formation, fine lines and discolored dark eye circles by repairing blood vessels capillary wall with 0.3mm depth

*120x improvement in collagen elastin production, improve skin radiance, re-creating healthier skin cells & skin foundation.

Safe & effective for age reversal.

*Active Ingredients
RNA Repair Formula For Whitening , Crows Feet, Fine Lines, Dark Eye Circles Reduction.

How? Repairing Blood Vessels Capillary Wall with 0.3mm deep into eye areas

CR Benefits Anti-aging Eye Therapy

From Spain

CR Benefits Anti-aging Eye Therapy
*Reverse droopy eyes, relaxes tired eyes, reduces eyebags, brow lifting

*Uses pro-ionic action to increase cellular movement


  1. NON-THERMAL: bio stimulation, improved nutrition, circulation and metabolism of the cells.
  2. THERMAL: greater microcirculation, vasodilation and tissue oxygenation.
  3. HYPERTHERMAL: detoxification, fat removal and tissue recovery.


Reduce wrinkles and expression lines

Improves the appearance of bags under the eyes

Firming, lifting and rejuvenation effect

Redefines facial contours

The 448 kHz radiofrequency encourages the passing of the ions trough the channels of the membrane so that the cell’s ion exchange is correct. Thus, the cell recovers its functions.

Pure O2 Oxygen Eye Therapy

From Germany

Pure Oxygen Eye Therapy
*Relief for tired eyes, Prevent fine lines around eyes & dryness around eyes.

Designed by German Engineers & Cosmetologists

*First in the World with German University Patent* Clinical Papers available*

Targeting at Dermal Layers, Collagen IV building, Intracellular Fibroblasts, Increases skin elasticity, ATP of cells (Cell battery) for cellular multiplication, Increases skin matrix, Increases Cell immunity. Penetration level like injection level without the use of needles.

Bonus: Increases cell division & multiplication & Slows down aging process.

Slows down Melanin production in Melanonocyte as Pure Oxygen together with Plant Hormone Isa- Flavone oxidizes Pigmentation into Colorless form. Pure 02 acts as Energy Fuel to distribute pigmentation production more Evenly.

Active ingredients:
Soy Plant Hormones/Isaflavone Fluid with Hyaluronic Acid & Multi-vitamins