Our Reviews

Lee Chong
“My dark spots are gone for Good!”

Late nights’ sleep, hectic work schedules, hormonal changes plus outdoor & air conditioning environment seemed to have an aging effect on my skin. I was aging faster than I should be! I needed urgent skin rescue as my job required me to meet clients and needed to look presentable. So just like any Singaporean, I sought help from various doctors, beauty salons yet my skin condition worsened. I have spent much time & effort but to no avail. My pigmentation patches looked even darker than before and I noticed that my skin looked more sensitive as well. Help!

Marianne Beauty Solutions’ Miracle Skin Rescue helped me to restore the radiance & glow back into my skin already been a year since my emergency episode and my skin remains bright & clear. Just like porcelain! My pigmentation is reduced & doesn’t come back.

Thank you, Marianne Beauty Solutions for understanding my hectic lifestyle & delivering the results which surpasses my expectations!

Lee Chong
In her late 40s

‘People ask me for Beauty tips now!’

Before visiting Marianne Beauty Solutions, I have been skeptical about beauty salons and I have never signed up with anyone for treatments because I would prefer someone whom I can trust my skin with. This has all changed after visiting Marianne Beauty Solutions. Their consistent commitment & dedicated care over the years has transformed me. Now, my skin is so good that others ask me for beauty tips! They simply cannot believe my age. Thank you, Marianne Beauty Solutions for making me ‘Forever Young’!

In her 60s

‘I am well taken care of since 1976.’

I used to have congested, dull skin and pock marks left over from my 20s. I thought congestion would be over by the time I was 30, but it became increasingly worse with oily patches and dry skin with acne. That’s where I sought help from Marianne Beauty Solutions since 1976. They have solutions for every skin problem that I had in my 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. Right now, nobody could believe that I used to have such problematic skin when I was younger as my skin is much smoother, firm and brighter.

Coming to Marianne Beauty Solutions is beneficial to my skin with their friendly service and I love the team. They keep me feeling good and feeling young. Am glad that during gatherings with old friends, the consistent comments are that I didn’t age & time stood still for me!

Thank you, Marianne Beauty Solutions for looking after me faithfully throughout these years.

Sui Eng
In her late 60s

‘My Skin cleared up!’

I have endured with acne skin since young and as a result, my skin was in a bad shape before I went to Marianne Beauty Solutions for their Miracle Skin Rescue. Left of pockmarks, coarse skin, painful acne and previous visits to other places didn’t improve my skin condition much. I had previous episodes of painful extractions at other establishments that almost made me give up entirely on my skin.

I am glad to share that my skin looks far better than ever and so glad that after all these years, there is hope after all for good skin. Now, my skin is smoother, looks brighter, lessen acne breakouts and my family has commented on the remarkable change in me. Thank you, Marianne Beauty Solutions for the rescue!

In his early 30s

‘Firmer & clearer skin!’

I knew from the start that I wanted a glowing skin and was surprised to know that my skin was also aging faster than it should be. How can it be? I am only in my early twenties. The trained professional staff at Marianne Beauty Solutions consistently coached me on better skin & wellness techniques to take care of myself better.

I was amazed at the new Baby skin that I have now. It is far more radiant, my face has a better shape and reduced congestion from before. I don’t need make up to cover up my skin and right now, I am happy to see my results! My digestive system has also improved greatly with their Beauty from inside out approach. I was surprised that nobody told me this before! I am definitely more confident in taking better care of my skin now.

Thank you, Team Marianne Beauty Solutions for your care & assurance towards me.

In her early 20s