About Us

“We have been fully committed in

delivering Lasting Beauty
Results since 1976.”

Our Commitment in Transforming Problem skins, Reshaping Bodies and Soothing Stressed Minds & Bodies. Trusted by generations of clients who rope in their friends, families, colleagues and even neighbors! We are the go-to person that comes to their minds when they are in a need of a Rescue for their minds, bodies and skins.”

“We bring the

world’s Best Global
Beauty Treatments

all around the world to you.”

Our dedicated team is constantly innovating & upgrading our skills, equipments, professional knowledge to ensure that our clients enjoy the best treatments from Europe & Asia.”


we Love Your
Skin & Bodies (more than you do)”

These treatments are first tried and tested on ourselves before you try it. Only when they pass our strict safety & efficiency tests, then they will be offered to our clients.

“We look at

Beauty Solutions

and get to the source of the problem.”

Results results results. See immediate visible results from our signature treatments.

“We work the extra mile for
your skin & body towards

total Miracle

Our skin treatments targets to reach deep into your epidermis, cellular and collagen layers. Our body treatments targets at deep tissue, muscular structure, circulatory system, meridian channels, central nervous systems & autonomic nervous systems.

“We educate you.”

We share the best loved beauty tips and how to care better for your skins & bodies. We believe that education is empowerment to feeling good and looking great.

“We take Good care of you.”

Every client’s case is assigned to a therapist and a senior trainer who looks after your needs and follows up on your case, treatments & results each time and every time.